Duet is a philanthropic initiative that pairs backers and resettled refugees through specific and meaningful item-based donations. Using matching algorithms, it pairs a purchase in the United States, for example, with a product that a refugee or displaced person needs and can’t afford, but yet is readily available in a host nation. Described by some as the “Uber of micro-philanthropy,” Duet seeks to eliminate donation waste by connecting givers to individuals’ needs.

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Firefly is a clothing brand focused on making highly functional, low cost, sustainable clothing designed specifically for emergency response scenarios. Their first product, the Firefly thermal will provide cost effective protection from the cold, from disease, and from noise, while keeping users’ essential documents safe. This can be a life-saving solution when conflict or disaster first breaks out and refugees or internally displaced people are fleeing.

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Safar, which means “journey” in Farsi and Arabic, is a mobile app that serves as an information aggregator to help guide refugees upon arrival at a refugee camp. Safar will be the first app to address location-specific refugee needs in real time. It achieves this by pulling critical information from several official sources and user feedback, then integrating this data into an easily accessible, dynamic interface, much like the Waze app does for drivers.

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WaterWay is a durable, lightweight container to help people comfortably transport water over long distances. The container will include over-the-shoulder straps and weight management reinforcements to help the user carry water on their back. Offering fill and spigot simplicity, this water-backpack can serve as a water reservoir that can be suspended from anywhere and will also have built-in filtration and purification elements.

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WeWash is building a portable, light-weight shower that will help refugees and others enjoy the dignity of a proper shower in an outdoor camp or hospitality centers, or inside ISO containers, reducing the shortage of shower stations and increasing privacy. Unlike existing shower solutions made for outdoor camping, WeWash’s design uses a water recycling system to reduce environmental impact and improve sanitation.

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