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This course, “Innovation in Engineering Design for Global Challenges”, is 2 units in Fall 2019, 2 units in Spring 2020 (4 units total over 2 semesters).

The USC Viterbi School of Engineering has launched a design and innovation initiative that will bring together university students from our Los Angeles campus and refugee students who have had their educations interrupted due to armed conflict, persecution, famine or environmental disasters. They will come together as teams of innovators through a virtual collaborative exchange to design, build and implement solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing the world’s 68.5 million refugees and internally displaced people. 

“The camp feels like a prison, or worse: like hell . . .”

— Syrian refugee, on Camp Moria in Lesvos, Greece

“You cannot look into the eyes of a child who is dying from a disease caused by drinking dirty water — something that rarely, if ever, happens in the United States — and not feel changed. You cannot stand before her parents without thinking, “I’m an engineer. There must be something I can do.”

— Bernard Amadei, founder, Engineers Without Borders